Life is a Road Open Wide!

If you have ever traveled and experienced life this way, you know that life is a road wide open. Samuel Johnson said: “The use of traveling, is to regulate imagination by reality.”

Traveling is not only going from point A to B, although many people experience life that way. For others, traveling means creating new possibilities, to see the world with new eyes, with wonder and awe. To get inspired and to explore life with new meaning, it’s using the senses to experience new cultures, new places regardless if It’s a 4-hour drive or 18-hour flight.

 It’s about allowing yourself to open all your senses for exploration; mentally, spiritually, and physically. Imagination can take us to many places, but only traveling allows us to merge imagination with reality. Allow life to be a road wide open, full of exploration, and travels to new horizons. Let’s hit the road and let's start this New Year ready to explore! ~Frances

 Photo: Oyster Farm @ Kings Creek, Cape Charles, VA.

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