What color personally signifies Valentine’s Day for you?

I know many are wondering, what kind of question is that? Hear me out! I for one love the color RED, it is the primary color for my store. My iPad cover, my mouse, a few pairs of really nice cowboy boots, more bras that I can count, my kitchen decor, you name it, it’s all red. However, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, other than the heart, nothing else is red.

I have done research over the years, and although they did use the color red to signify the shape of the heart back in the beginning days of the old Valentine’s Day cards, the clothes covering depicted by the angels, children and flowers weren’t usually red, and neither were the clothes that people wore at the time, and I’m certain that included their undergarments.

So, you might be wondering, what’s the frenzy with red for Valentine’s Day? Truth be told, marketing and PR gurus make a great living convincing the consumer on behalf of the businesses that they represent; what brands to buy, what colors to wear and what are the new styles and colors for the season, whether they suit their body shape, frame and height among other things.

I’m sure by now you might have figured out why I don’t look for red, but there is more. First, since red is a color that I love and I use in my everyday life, the thought of wearing red for a special occasion doesn’t appeal to me. Also, back in the day when I attempted to buy intimate apparel to fit my bustier size, and of course have panties to match, it was almost always an impossibility to find something. Listen, I’m not talking about buying the cheap and frilly baby dolls with scratchy bottoms to match. Oh no, those are not for me, or the cutesy one-piece romper of body suit that was either too small or too big for my height and frame, I always felt like I was in a tug of war attempting to wear those. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be only for show, but not for this girl. Lastly, by the time I did find something that fit nicely, and had bottoms to match, the final purchase was hardly ever red.

Instead, from my experience, here are a few suggestions:

  • Find pieces that fit nicely, you will use them more often.
  • Be open to trying new colors and styles that complement you.
  • Buy quality pieces that will endure more than one wear.
  • If you want red, shop for it in advanced, usually during Christmas holidays, vendors have more reds in their collection.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to buy what you want, giver yourself the time needed to try-on different styles, brands and colors and also, to allow for the delivery time.

Lastly, set the intention to enjoy the hunt of searching, trying and buying the perfect intimate apparel piece that will make you feel extra sexy and beautiful, ultimately, this is for the most special person in your life, and that is YOU! ~Frances

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